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The 5 most exciting social media trends for 2022

The 5 most exciting social media trends for 2022

Would you like to know which social media trends will be particularly exciting in 2022? Then you’ve probably already searched for them on Google. But there are an enormous number of directions in which the trends could move. That’s why I’m presenting the social media trends that I find most interesting here. If you take them into account, you’ll get much closer to your revenue goals via social media. We’ll see what really manifests itself like this in 2022, what simply we can’t get past….

The 5 most exciting social media trends for 2022

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1. social selling

Social selling is a sales approach, but it’s not the same as social media marketing. It allows you to target potential prospects through social media and build relationships with a network of potential customers.

Social selling prepares you to use social media to find the people in your target group who match your offer. You use it to create meaningful interactions to position your offer elegantly and non-intrusively as a solution to a problem. This is how you build trust and easily get your offer in play.

What social selling isn’t:

It doesn’t mean you bombard strangers with unsolicited private messages. That’s spam, and no one really wants that.

The sales method also has nothing to do with LinkedIn becoming so popular in 2021. Many people see LinkedIn as just another content dumping platform. They think what they used to post on Facebook but no one cares about today, they now just post on LinkedIn. A lot of personal and business info combines there. Therefore, LinkedIn is not automatically social selling.

Social selling also doesn’t mean you have a cool brochure offline that you just digitize. Rather, you can initiate relationships online that then transition to the offline world.

I see social selling as essential to attracting customers via social media. That’s why I think it will become an even bigger trend next year. More people will jump on the bandwagon. So it’s worth it if you start looking into it right away to benefit yourself. Because it simply works on all social media channels.

2. short videos

I am sure that short videos will become a big social media trend in 2022. Storys, Reels or TikTok videos will continue their triumph. Even LinkedIn and XING have introduced Stories.

Once Facebook introduces Reels, these videos will grow in enormous popularity there as well. Especially videos that we know from TikTok are here to stay. In Germany, they are not yet as widespread as in the U.S., but they are still very popular. TikTok is established and wird will therefore certainly not disappear so quickly. In my view, however, TikTok will not put Facebook or Instagram under as much pressure as is always claimed. So there is certainly no need for existential fears for the time being.

If you want to use social media for yourself in 2022, you should get involved with it now at the latest. The important thing is that the videos reach the users and really engage them. People are not interested in boring videos. But that doesn’t mean you have to dance in your videos now, which many associate specifically with TikTok.

Videos with fun dance interludes work for some social media starlets, no question. However, your content should still suit you. Therefore, an appropriate strategy is important to attract the right people as well. Even the widest reach of a video is of no use to you if no one is interested in what you are actually doing.

So videos will become even more important and can help you enormously to build interest for your brand and your offer.

3. communities in social media

Especially social commerce like Instagram or Facebook shopping is getting stronger and stronger. If you want to do e-commerce on social media, you definitely need a community. Ideally, the community has already grown. What’s important is that the community is connected to you and interested in what you’re doing.

It doesn’t matter what you use to build your community. This can be on Facebook and Instagram, but also via your newsletter. The main thing is that there are people who you can reach easily at any time. That way, these people get used to you, know what you have to offer, and ultimately reach out when they’re looking for your solution. When people already know you, they trust you and don’t even need the 8 or so touch points before they buy from you.

In this way, you create strong customer loyalty even before the purchase. You create this connection optimally with a community. That’s why communities will definitely be one of the social media trends of 2022. In my view, a community is also a basic requirement for the future so that your online marketing can function optimally.

You don’t have a community yet? Then you should definitely start building one now. Of course, a loyal community is not created with a snap of the fingers. It takes a lot of time and strategy. But it’s doable and a tremendously good channel to drive more sales.

4. Facebook

Why Facebook in particular should become a social media trend in 2022? Other platforms like Instagram or TikTok are also trending, of course. But Facebook in particular has changed quite a bit in 2021. This is not about renaming the umbrella brand to “Meta”.

In 2021, Facebook has shown very strong growth. Just because the numbers are stagnant in some cases doesn’t mean that Facebook has had its day as an advertising platform. You can still control all ads through the Facebook Ads Manager.

An ecosystem has been created, so to speak, which has now grown enormously. It will be really difficult for other big players like TikTok to get to this empire. Here, the diversity of f

unctions as they exist on Facebook such as events, groups, etc.

Facebook has successfully integrated the stories and the reels should also come soon. Of course, Facebook also has a lot of problems or strange people spread strange content. But as an ecosystem, the platform is definitely not on the decline yet.

After all, Facebook has already been around for 18 years in 2022, which is something that someone first has to imitate. As a rule, it’s not that hard to get to the top, but to stay at the top. That is the absolute supreme discipline. Facebook has dominated the world market on social media for about 10 years now. Anyone who manages to do that probably doesn’t do very much wrong.

So I personally would definitely not write Facebook off. Like everything else in life, it doesn’t fit everyone and especially not every age group anymore. There will always be a place where the kids feel more comfortable, the teens or the oldies. However, you can still reach a lot of people through Facebook who might also be interested in what you have to offer.

5. social media advertising

Advertising on social media will definitely be a social media trend in 2022, but no, organic growth is not extinct. But it definitely makes sense if you know about advertising on social media. Personally, I’m always a fan of understanding a topic myself first and only then outsourcing it. Then you can also hand in your ads, but at least check if they work.

There is no way around ads anymore. It makes a lot of sense to place ads exactly where a lot of people from your target group are.

You might be thinking to yourself that so much data is collected via ads? They will, however, if you go shopping with your Payback card. However, this company knows exactly when you buy what or how much money you spend. But hardly anyone is interested in that as long as there are bonus points. But when Facebook and Google want data, everyone goes nuts.
In any case, you won’t see social networks without advertising in the next few years. Ads will continue to be a trend of the future.

If you develop systematic processes for this, your ads will also work excellently. In the end, the result will be exactly what you want it to be.

So there you have it, the social media trends 2022. It’s best to get to grips with them now and use these trends for your growth. Because as you know, sales come from conversion!

How to increase your sales via social media

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