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How to address only the right target group in social media

How to address only the right target group in social media

You have a lot of reach in social media, but nobody buys your products and services? Then you’re reaching a lot of people, but not the right ones. Worse, you might even attract the wrong people who aren’t willing to invest in you or your products. Wouldn’t it be much better to exclude these people from the beginning? If you could make sure the wrong audiences ignore you and the right people approach you – how much easier would your life be? In this episode of the podcast, you’ll learn the secret behind engaging the right people and keeping the wrong ones from engaging with you in the first place….

How to target only the right audience on social media

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Read the recap for this episode here….

Extremely important in social media marketing is that you target only the right audience for you, while avoiding targeting the wrong audience so those people don’t approach you in the first place.

And most importantly up front: lots of reach does not equal lots of customers! While a lot of reach is helpful, it’s no guarantee of lots of customers. Most self-employed people and entrepreneurs are active on social media and think that by posting daily on various platforms, they will automatically get more customers because they supposedly have more reach. However, just because you have a large reach doesn’t automatically mean you’re targeting the right people.

For example, you’re constantly giving out free content, whether it’s a free webinar, a free white paper, or other good stuff. If you’re constantly giving out free content instead of making an offer here and there, you’re giving the impression that everything is free. Accordingly, you are already addressing the wrong people here. The people who want everything for free usually don’t have any money, and if they don’t have any money, they can’t buy anything from you – it’s really quite simple, isn’t it?

The right audience responds to the right content

You’re addressing the wrong target group, and you’re ruining your own chances of attracting real customers. More content helps, but if it only builds up your reach because it’s based on current trends, you won’t reach the people you want to become customers.

You have to package your content in such a way that you attract the right people and they are convinced in the foreseeable future that you can help them with your product or service. The important thing is that these are people who know that they have to put money in their hands to invest with you. People who don’t want to pay anything for your service because they don’t have the money, or aren’t willing to invest, aren’t right for you.

In social media, you only need content

that reaches the right target group and addresses their problems. The wrong people usually don’t have these problems. To the outside world, you need to give the impression that you represent what you offer. It’s difficult if, for example, you advertise that you’re a social media expert, but you’re dancing around in your Instagram reels or doing nonsense. This kind of thing makes others doubt your seriousness and at the same time attracts the wrong people again.

A lot of reach doesn’t automatically bring a lot of customers

Only with the right content can you reach the right people. In social media, it’s not just about showing off and appearing, but above all about producing content that is relevant to your target group. Everyone else is not interesting to you. Infinite reach and a possible “influencer status” are not enough. As an aside, only 51% of influencers get paid for their activities and even only four percent can actually make a living from it.

It’s a common but also outdated myth that you can’t make offers on Facebook or Instagram. The opposite is true: You can, may and should be present with your product, offer it and market it. To do this, you produce content and you don’t have to be active on all social networks, it’s enough if you are where your target group is.

Position yourself as a supplier, service provider or as someone with expert status. Of course, you need to produce content that shows what you can do and what you offer. The most important thing is that it’s aimed at the people who also have the problem you’re addressing and who want to be helped.


content to the problems of the target audience

The wrong target audience should not even think of engaging with you. If the wrong people come to you in droves who ultimately don’t buy anything from you, you’ve produced content that misses the mark and reaches the wrong audience.

Tailor your audience’s problem solving (do a small preview or teaser) to get their attention and show that you can help them. With a focused strategy, you can build your social media marketing.

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