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5 mistakes that are slowing you and your social media marketing down

5 mistakes that are slowing you and your social media marketing down

Your social media marketing isn’t taking off the way you’d like it to? And you’re not moving forward as fast either, even though you’re always on top of the latest trends and using the hippest hacks to your advantage? Quite apart from the fact that trends and hacks alone won’t get you anywhere… if your situation is such that you’re stagnating, then you’re probably getting in your own way – and that’s not at all uncommon! Very often, your approach ensures that things don’t go the way they’re supposed to be able to. The good news is that you can do something about it, and you’ll find out exactly what that is in this episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast….

5 Mistakes That Are Slowing You and Your Social Media Marketing Down

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1. you have certain experiences from your past

There are experiences from your past that are holding you back from taking off because you think you can’t do something or you need to educate yourself first, etc. – the fact is that at some point you’re going to get to the point where you just have to start or move on and that’s what’s important to realize.

You have to do something to make something happen. That’s how you make sure you leave point A (beginning) and head toward point Z (destination). Without doing something, you won’t get anywhere. You may have had negative experiences in the past that some methods don’t work, which keeps you from trying something new in today’s world. Here you have to leave your comfort zone to get into the learning zone and then into the growth zone.

2. your environment influences you negatively

You have endless ideas with which you want to become active in social media, but you have to be aware that your current environment may not understand. Many people still think that Instagram, Facebook & Co. are just gimmicks and that you can’t incorporate them into your business.

You have to free yourself from that. If you do things that others don’t understand, you can’t assume that you can talk to those people about it. They may have a completely different mindset than you. Learn to separate personal and professional so you don’t associate negative influence with your social media marketing. Find people with the same entrepreneurial minimum that you can interact with without being ridiculed.

3. You’re always chasing the latest hacks and trends.

This topic is a social media minefield. There are new features all the time on all social networks. New trends may or may not work. Of course, you can try new things and incorporate them into your social media marketing, but you can’t necessarily assume that every new hack will significantly increase your success.

Social media marketing also has to obey the laws of normal marketing, and that’s also about you as a marketer always being on the lookout for new trends.

must constantly stay on the ball. Consistency is key, but a new trend might just stay a trend and not catch on.

4. you don’t want to take risks

Without a willingness to take risks, your social media marketing won’t work. Taking risks and leaving your comfort zone to get into the learning and growth zone is inevitable. You’ll slow yourself down and you’ll only ever get the same results and not grow.

If you try something new in social media, no one can tell you beforehand if it will work or not. If you don’t take that risk, you’ll never know. For example, it’s a risk for a baby to learn to walk because it will fall and hurt itself, but if it never takes that risk, it will never walk.

At worst, you gain experience. If one method didn’t work, you look for another or another project.

5. thinking you already know everything and not accepting help

A difficult factor, because no one knows everything. Thinking you already know everything is the first step to failure. You always grow from others who are already further than you, there is no shame in acquiring help and knowledge from others to become successful(er).

Not all knowledge is written somewhere, which you can pick out yourself. There is also knowledge that only certain people have, which is not available to the public. To claim that no one can help you is a fatal mistake on your part.

If you are still stuck, even though you have read hundreds of books and attended hundreds of seminars, you need to get help from someone who is further along than you.

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