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7 Persistent Facebook Ads Myths

7 Persistent Facebook Ads Myths

You’re probably also familiar with various Facebook Ads myths that just keep popping up when it comes to advertising. Most of the time, these myths can be debunked if you inform yourself with reliable sources. However, I notice again and again in conversations with prospects and customers that there is a lot of dangerous half-knowledge circulating in this regard. Unfortunately, wrong things were and are often reproduced and also applied. Accordingly, these people are annoyed about ads that do not work. So that your advertising works in the future as, I would like to enlighten you today about the most persistent Facebook Ads myths, so that you can avoid this half-knowledge in the future…

7 Stubborn Facebook Ads Myths

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Summary: 7 persistent Facebook Ads myths.

A good Facebook ad must also have a lot of likes
My target audience is not on Facebook, so I don’t need to advertise there
Videos are always better than anything else
You need to target your audience as accurately as possible
You need at least 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 euros per month to run ads…
Put up your ad only once and you can relax
Facebook ads are getting more and more expensive
Conclusion: For many, Facebook Ads fail because a systematized process is missing

1. a good Facebook ad must also have many likes

This is not correct and that is why this claim belongs to the realm of Facebook Ads myths. Because the term “good ad” is already relative. What is a good ad? It always depends on the eye of the beholder. What is a brilliant ad for you may be an outright failure for another person. For you, it may have been about collecting as many comments as possible. Another person, on the other hand, wants to get lots of likes.

Therefore, the ad is good for you, but not for someone else. But even regardless of this relatively perspective view, it’s often about a good ad having to have a lot of likes. But this is not correct. There are a lot of ads that are not designed for Likes, but for example for clicks to the landing page. I myself have been running campaigns for a year that have maybe 20 likes and only 5 comments. But I still regularly collect leads through them and the ads work great. So please don’t get irritated by such Facebook Ads myths.

Nevertheless, please keep in mind: Of course, an ad with many likes brings benefits due to engagement. You set your own goal, such as landing page views or conversions. If the ad gets many likes (i.e. engagement) shortly after publication, then the algorithm sees it as more relevant for your target group. However, this does not automatically mean that the ad is actually “good”. Because if link clicks are defined as a goal, the vielen Likes also nothing if no one clicks on your link.

2. my target audience is not on Facebook, so I don’t need to advertise there.

Also belongs to the Facebook Ads myths as a blanket statement – because it can be, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. If your target audience is only on one particular social network, such as Instagram, they may be on Facebook. It always depends somewhat on age and of course preferences. A very young target group is probably more likely to be on TikTok than Facebook. But it’s still worth doing a quick analysis to see if this target group is actually not on Facebook.

The blanket statement that you certainly won’t find your target group on Facebook is also one of the persistent Facebook Ads myths. Every month, about 30 million people use Facebook, 20 million use Instagram, 17 million use LinkedIn and 10 million use TikTok. So you can’t know across the board who’s on where. There can always be overlaps, but also exclusions. That’s what you need to find out. Just run a Facebook ad and you’ll see what happens – at least related to Facebook.

3. videos are always better than anything else

This is also incorrect and belongs as a blanket statement in the realm of Facebook Ads myths. Videos in ads are not always better than photos or graphics. You can’t know that in advance. Of course, videos often trigger people more. Something moves, people often react to it and feel more addressed by the ad. But you have no guarantee that a video is really better!

So be sure to test a video against a photo or graphic in your Facebook ads. Only then can you find out which is better received. One advantage of videos is that if you rely on video views, you can get cheap traffic and make a video customer audience out of it. Basically, videos are not better because of that. I know a lot of people who never use video in their ads.

Often they just use text and a screenshot from a WhatsApp chat. This can also work wonderfully. So don’t fall for widespread Facebook Ads myths like this and test it for yourself.

4. you need to target your audience as accurately as possible

Also belongs to Facebook myths… of course it’s always useful if you know your target audience and where they hang out. But you can also let Facebook help you find your target audience. Even if you don’t know exactly who your target audience is, you can still run Facebook ads. Facebook already has so much data from users that they can tell you what’s good for your ads (and what’s not).

Let’s assume you run an ad without knowing exactly who your target audience is. As targeting you choose only the country, gender and age. Then you run the ad and do nothing else in targeting. Facebook will then play the ad to appropriate people based on years of experience. Since Facebook has been collecting data for about 18 years, it is very likely that your ad will be played to the right people.

This means that even as a beginner without any further knowledge of the target group, you canu should definitely run Facebook ads to increase your sales. The blanket claim that you need to know your target audience inside and out beforehand is one of the Facebook Ads myths.

5. you need at least 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 per month to run ads…

…or other fixed posts that keep circulating on the web (like so many other Facebook Ads myths). If you already know me, you probably know that I’m not a fan of low ad budgets. So I don’t recommend to my clients that they should start with 5 euros perday, because it simply wouldn’t do any good. But I’m also not saying that you need at least 1,000 euros per day. Rather, you need to see that you get a certain range to understand the target group and get valid data.

For this, you can also initially use only 30 euros per day. It is important that you get reactions from your target group. Then you can always see if you want to scale everything. However, a fixed amount per month is clearly one of the Facebook Ads myths. The amount should just not be too small. Personally, I wouldn’t do anything under 30 euros per day. Then you are at about 1,000 euros per month.

This way you also manage to collect useful data. With this data you can eventually work. The fact is that the higher your daily advertising budget, the faster you will get results. However, an exact minimum amount is not a guarantee for successful ads.

6. set up your ad only once and you can relax

It is unfortunately also one of the Facebook Ads myths that you can leave the rest to Facebook completely. You need to keep an eye on your ads, see which age groups are performing well etc. and adjust your ads regularly. If they don’t perform at all, you should turn them off to avoid wasting money pointlessly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that Facebook does all the work for you. It works well for preselection, but only you are responsible for further success. It is worth analyzing your ads every second or third day to see if changes are necessary. Then you are on the safe side and Facebook Ads myths like this can be indifferent to you.

7. Facebook Ads are getting more and more expensive

This also belongs to the realm of Facebook Ads myths. Ads always become more expensive when the market is appropriately tight. For example, this is the case on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc. At these times, there are a lot of advertisers pumping a lot of money into the market. Thus, many people compete for limited advertising space.

So this is a completely normal situation in terms of supply and demand. The cost of Facebook ads also fluctuates to some extent, but it’s not basically getting more and more expensive. If you do a good job, you can still get a CPM for 2 to 3 euros. I see this myself time and again with my customers and also with my own campaigns. So don’t let them talk you out of your Facebook Ads because the prices are supposedly only going up.

Conclusion: For many Facebook Ads fail because a systematized process is missing

Lack of Likes, target group knowledge, low budget or supposedly rising prices are not the reason for bad Ads. Mostly

simply lack background knowledge and a working process. Facebook ads are still extremely effective in driving your sales. I speak from my own experience and see the success of my clients. So don’t believe everything and question all Facebook Ads myths.

What’s your situation? Are your ads running the way you want them to? If not, just get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to help you optimize your ads to reach the right audience that will buy your offer (and debunk the Facebook Ads myths for you). In a free 60-minute consultation, we’ll find out exactly where your optimization potential is. You’ll also get a lot of input on how to optimize your social media marketing in order to achieve your goals in the future with less effort and in less time.

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