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Evergreen content: 5 tips for content that always works

Evergreen content: 5 tips for content that always works

Evergreen content is actually the supreme discipline of content marketing. I can well remember the times when I was always on the lookout for the latest news for a music portal, for example. That brought me and my editorial team a lot of traffic back then, but it was tedious, because today’s news won’t interest anyone tomorrow. Since I’ve been on the road with my consulting firm for social media marketing, I’ve only relied on evergreen content. But what exactly is evergreen content and how do you benefit from it? I’ll tell you in this article….

Evergreen content: 5 tips for content that always works

Table of Contents: Evergreen Content (5 tips for content that’s always current).

1. why evergreen content works in the first place
2. Search engines love evergreen content
3. Evergreen Content fits perfectly in social media
4. Evergreen Content must not be boring
5. Any topic is suitable for it
6. Conclusion on the subject of evergreen content

1. why evergreen content works at all

Evergreen Content works because it is “always green”. No, nonsense… that’s just a word, of course. “Evergreen” you may know from oldies music. Songs that were successes even 30 years ago and that are still played a lot and often on the radio or streamed on Spotify. ABBA, for example, or Rihanna or Robbie Williams. Songs that continue to enjoy great popularity.

The principle of “evergreen content” is similar. While it’s not primarily about having a good time or reminiscing, there are parallels. Good evergreen content ensures that you publish something TODAY that others can still consume later, say 6 months from now or even a few years from now.

It depends on what topic you choose. Let’s take my topic, which is social media marketing. There’s so much happening and constantly changing. And yes, I could now publish 5 news every day with my team, what has changed again on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

That would also interest my followers and those who want to become followers – but after a few days it’s just not that important anymore. Instead, I focus on content that will still be so up-to-date in a few months that it offers people a very concrete added value. And that’s exactly how it works: You offer people something they can benefit from for a longer period of time.

2. search engines love evergreen content

So, now “social media” is not really a hobbyhorse of search engines. Google and Co. don’t care WHAT content you publish. But what search engines love: Evergreen Content! And for a very simple reason: Evergreen content brings search engine users further. Or in other words: If you produce excellent evergreen content, users will come back to it again and again. Search engines register this and reward you with better rankings (your content appears higher up in Google’s search results).

For you, this means that from now on you can permanently welcome visitors to your website who have been referred to you by a search engine.aschine like Google. Your content ensures that you don’t have to worry every day about where to find people visiting your website now.

Timeless content works in many channels | Source

And if you’re selling products and services on your website, for example, or pointing to your profiles on social media, or generating leads, then that works out much better when people find your evergreen content via a search engine like Google. After a certain point, this happens automatically!

3. evergreen content fits perfectly into social media

What is true for search engines is almost identically true for social media. People who come to me and become my customers almost always have one big problem: what should I post on social media? And honestly, I can understand that. It’s not easy to keep coming up with useful things to make people aware of you or your business on social media.

But: it’s important! Again, this takes a lot of work off your plate, because of course you can repeat yourself on social media. Not every day and not every week, but if you have produced really strong timeless content, then you can play that multiple times.

In principle, this is quite simple – you simply look at which of your content has worked particularly well on your Facebook page, for example. You repeat this initially “simply successful” content after a reasonable period of time… let’s say after 6 months. After 6 months, 99.999% of your followers no longer know that you have already published this content in a similar way.

Of course, you customize your content a bit on your preferred social network so it doesn’t stand out. But then you can score with your evergreen content and repeat it. You’ll see, many people will even consume that Evergreen Content again. And all the others who didn’t see it 6 months ago or just joined as new followers in the last 6 months, for them it’s even a first!

4. evergreen content must not be boring

Sounds all enough simple, right? Actually it is, but there are a few things you have to keep in mind to make your evergreen content work. Make sure that you really offer something to the people. This doesn’t always have to be an elaborate elaboration down to the last detail that really highlights EVERY detail.

But for successful evergreen content, it’s still important to think about how you’re actually going to make people perceive your evergreen content as an asset now. This CAN be the infamous added value, but it can also be entertainment. It can be a quiz, a video, or a podcast that people are willing to consume.

So with your evergreen content, please don’t make the mistake of just focusing on the content itself. Also, always think about how you approach your target audience in a way that ultimately makes them “have a good time” with your evergreen content. Because that’s what it’s all about: A few people will still remember later exactly what your content was about – but it’s much more important for you that people have a positive experience with your content. feeling left behind when they’ve had to deal with your evergreen content.

It’s the same principle as with presentations, for example: Yes, a talk at a conference should be top-notch in terms of content and the audience should also “learn something.” But if you do the test and ask at a conference 60 minutes after the end of the presentation exactly what was said, then very few people will be able to tell you exactly – which, by the way, is completely normal.

But all participants will be able to tell you afterwards whether they liked the presentation or not! And that’s what it’s all about with your evergreen content: If you manage to make your consumers feel comfortable with your evergreen content and still think back fondly to it later, then you’ve done it (because then you’re in the minds of your target group).

5. any topic will do

Now you might be wondering if all of this in this article here applies to you and your content. YES, it does. Reason: It doesn’t matter what topic you’re in. And it doesn’t matter WHERE you are either. You can write Evergreen Content as an article, as I often do. But you can also make a video or do a podcast. Even a webinar can be Evergreen Content.

The important thing is, and always will be, that the topic and content are as timeless as possible. Simple example: If Facebook changes something in the design again, yes… then it’s worth reporting. I also read such reports. But in essence it is not important, because the design changes from time to time. As long as it’s only the look and no functions are affected, it doesn’t really matter. Because even if you don’t like the new look, you have to live with it and after a few weeks you don’t even remember how it looked like before.

But if basic functions are changed, then it’s a different story. Such information is still important after months or years (= “evergreen content”). It gets even more interesting with strategies or methods, for example with social media marketing. Things change there every now and then. New advertising formats come (and go again) or the algorithm changes. All important information, but the basic strategies do not change so quickly.

So you can work with evergreen content to make sure you don’t have to come up with completely new things every day. As with the social media strategy: Once it’s in place, you can use it for a longer period of time. You have to adjust it every now and then, but if it basically works, then you don’t have to come up with a new one right away. And that’s exactly how it is with evergreen content.

6 Conclusion on Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is definitely a secret weapon. “Secret” because so few rely on it. There are websites out there that have only 50 articles, but get hundreds of thousands of visitors per month because they work with content that is timeless and therefore doesn’t need to be produced over and over again. Yes, even with evergreen content you have to polish it up from time to time.

But that only happens every few months and not every day. By the way, this is exactly why advice works.

erthemes on the Internet so well. There, too, you don’t have to adapt every day, and yet there is a lot of attention if the topic is relevant.

That’s why my urgent tip to you: Work more with evergreen content in the future. On your website, in social media, in your newsletter and everywhere else where you come into contact with your target group. High-quality evergreen content will make your life easier and ensure that you will have less stress with the topic of content in the future.

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